CAQs (Commonly Asked Questions)


How long does the hair last?

      Since the hair is of great quality, proper care and maintenance will allow it to last a year or longer. 


How many bundles are needed to complete a full sew-in? 
   Quantity varies on individuals head size, thickness and length of hair chosen:

  •   16” needs 2 to 3 bundles     
  •   18”-24” needs 3 to 4 bundles 
  •   24”-30” needs 4 to 5 bundles 


Can the hair be colored?

Yes hair can be colored. It’s strongly recommended to seek professional help when coloring hair extensions.


Highest temperature hair can handle?

The highest temperature that can applied to our hair without causing damage is 400 degrees.


Does it shed?

Very minimal shedding. For instance, if the hair's weft is cut, you may experience minimal shedding. Also, adding hair-care products may cause minimal shedding throughout time.


Can it be washed?

Our hair can be washed on or off scalp, but if hair is to be washed on the scalp, we suggest sitting underneath a hair dryer for a minimum of one hour to allow hair underneath the extensions to completely dry to avoid fungus.